Shopping Spree in Bali

One thing that all girls have in common and will readily accept it is, their Love for Shopping!! And like any other girl, there is a shopaholic sitting inside me that kept coming out during our vacation in Bali. Although I was trying really hard to tame it but it just won’t listen 😉

Bali is a lovely place with its natural beauty and culture still intact in this era of fast globalization. I liked everything about this place, the beautiful houses with intricate stone carvings, the hospitality of the locals and the hustle-bustle of the streets. The local people are simply amazing in Wood and stone work. Every piece is just gorgeous and you can’t help but stop at every other shop to gaze at them. My husband was very patient throughout the trip as I picked many things to decorate our nest back in India.

A Balinese handicraft and artifact shop

The carvings are so neat and finely done that it astounds you. Lord Ganesh and Lord Buddha being the most famous among all the Deities. Every road junction had some scene or the other from Mahabharata or Ramayana depicted in the form of big, I repeat, real big stone sculptures. Somewhere there was “Arjuna” on his “Ratha” and somewhere “Bheema” with his “Gada”.

It was as if these people would make anything  and everything from wood, from household items to beautiful candle holders made from the outer shell of a coconut, from alluring wall hangings to Statues. There were a whole range of thing to be bought and keep as a cherished memory.

My precious collection of woodwork from Bali

The Balinese miniature painting was another thing that caught our attention. The painting is a grueling hard work of hours for many days that results into a marvelous piece. The streets were full of breath-taking things, be it Dream catchers or lamps, first rate copy of Prada &  Louis Vuitton 😉 as well.


Just like a coin has two sides so did the shopping here in Bali,the good or rather the best thing was that the things were quite low priced and this led to the sad part of not being able to stuff in as much as you want due to the silly baggage limit.


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