Nani ka Ghar!!

Nani ka Ghar….This line itself bring back so many memories, the told, re-told and repeated stories; the palatable food, late night chit-chat and of course the great family reunion. As a child, summer vacation to me was synonymous with visiting my Grandparents in Jabalpur. A month of fun, masti and spending time with nani nana, cousins, masis and mamas. That time used to be the best in the entire year because, firstly books can be seen nowhere near you and secondly you get to eat, sleep and play as much as you like. Even mom can’t say a word since her mother is there to shield you.


As the time passed things changed, we grew up and there were so many things to take care of studies, job etc; that going to Jabalpur every year became a distant dream. It was only recently that I got a chance to visit my Grandparents and that too with him. Althought it was not a month long vacation like earlier but even a week was enough to relive those good old days. There was so much to tell and share that most of the time was spent sitting in the verandah and talking endlessly.

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One evening we planned to visit Bheda Ghat. I must say that Dhuandhar Falls(as it is called) is just magnificent. In some ways is does resemble the Great Canyon. The gushing water, cool breeze and the setting sun just added beauty to this lovely place. Being one of the attractions of India many people come to visit this place from round the world. The water is crystal clear and though it was flowing at a dangerous speed , still there were some kids who were ready to jump in there for a coin tossed in water, hoping to find it and own it with triumph. After having some of the regular plums severed is a very unsual way we left for the scenic banks of Narmada.


Taking a boat ride here would have been another amazing experience owing to the beautifully carved rocks surrounding you but we were not lucky enough to enjoy that since the water levels were dangerously high due to monsoons. Nevertheless, we got hold of a guide who took us around the place on foot. It is almost unbelievable to imagine that once there would have been almost 250-300 ft water flowing here which led to this kind of brilliant formation.


The guide told about the various movies made here and the different marble rocks found here in his own musical and certainly hilarious way (completely off the track). The market as a wide range of beautifully and intricately carved objects from various animals to the huge Shiv-lings called The Narmadeshwar which are huge stones precisely the shape of a shiv-ling and are found in the riverbed. After buying a pair of white elephants we left. Next day was started by taking a dip in the holy water of Narmada and then we left for Amarkantak.



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