LAVASA – A Vacation Treat in Making

It was still pretty early in the morning but the streets of Pune were already bustling with people and traffic. Being a Sunday didn’t seem to make any difference to the perennial congestion of the metro and our plan of early departure to beat the heat didn’t seem to work much. As we left the city behind the austere calmness of the fields at the foot of the mountains was the only relief in the humid monsoon heat. The realization of our car climbing the hilly road was brought by the cool breeze and a light shower. In no time we reached Lavasa, a modern, well planned, man-made hill station in Maharashtra.



The hilly road continued after the dam and so did the picturesque points developed through the way. Apart from serving the purpose of honing one’s photography skills these spots had small gardens, snack shops and even toilets, a rarity for Indian roads.

The commercialization starts even before the hill station but unlike others the ecological balance is maintained with luxuries and comfort.


The first glimpse of Lavasa from the road, is of a bridge spanning the beautiful blue lake whose both sides are dotted with colorful buildings. Villas and apartments are slowly coming up and are on offer as vacation homes. As one crosses the bridge to the other side of the lake, you are greeted by a glass building serving as a tourist info center and hotel. Gathering brochures and pamphlets  we continued to lake front. The place has been developed as a European river-front with artwork, bridges, restaurants and shops serving by the lake side with ample space to sit and enjoy.

The place is still not haunted by swarm of tourists partly because it’s still coming up and partly due to the afternoon heat, anyways finding a nice ice-cream parlor was such a relief.

After treating ourselves we decided to check out Lavasa’s other tourism endeavors viz the water sports. A number of activities like Kayaking, motor boat, parasailing etc. etc. are offered here and the best part is the whole set up is new and well equipped without much rush. The whole place looks lovely at night with all the lighting, as was depicted in the brochure but unfortunately we didn’t have the privilege of spending the night there. But then there is always a next time.


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