KUMARAKOM – Backwater Luxury Escape

At a mere one and a half hour drive from Cochin lining the Vembanad lake are the luxury resorts of Kumarakom.


The shores of backwater have been completely transformed in this part of Kerala to cater the inflow of leisure tourists and many luxurious and unique themed resorts have taken place of otherwise dominating rice fields and backwater villages of the area.


A trip to the place offers opportunity to be in the lap of nature and enjoy ultramodern luxuries at the same time.


Cycling through the rice paddies and a sunset cruise are few of the activities to indulge in apart from gazing at vast expanse of backwater for long spaces of time to make an ideal leisure vacation recipe.



Just a hop away is Allepey, a major center for house boat tourism in south India. One can enjoy traditional meal and comfortable stay on one of the beautifully decorated houseboats.

It was also the end of our Kerala trip and tranquility of the place makes it apt to reflect back on this beautiful journey through God’s own country. It’s truly remarkable how this small land in the southernmost corner of India has not only preserved its natural riches but able to generate great revenue from them. The tourist friendly environment combined with the scenery makes it a popular vacation home but unlike other travel destinations the place didn’t lose its charm with commercialization. There’s a lot to learn from Kerala’s model as to how with peace and harmony in society, proper planning and execution and infrastructural development a place can develop its tourist potential and become so popular and trusted tourist destination.


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