Nestled among wild mountains of God’s own country Kerala, is a nature’s wonderland that goes by the name Thekkady. It is well connected from major towns of Kerala and is one of its well-known tourist destinations. We went there in a hired ride from Cochin, Kerala’s very own metropolis. The weather was pleasant and cool as compared to the humid Cochin, probably due to the mountains and the green belt surrounding the area.


Thekkady has some of the best Spice Gardens in Kerala, in fact there are many of them both sides of the roads approaching the main town. Almost all of them provide a guided tour of a spice plantation and might offer other things like lunch, spice powder, refreshing ayurvedic drink etc (depending on the price of course!). We stopped at one of the plantations suggested to us by our driver and it was nice to see the ingredients of our culinary art in their raw state.


Thekkady’s name is also synonymous with elephants and a trip to the place is never complete without a ride. The elephant camp has grown a lot bigger from the last time I was here few years back and now offers Katthakali and other performances apart from the ride. An elephant shower is also on offer at an additional price.  The place has become a big attraction with tourists queuing up for the ride. We had a nice bumpy ride on our magnificent mammal, Maria(she’s was a female) and Mrs Richa also came to know that these giant animals only follow voices of two people who have trained them, after unsuccessfully trying to make her do things by imitating the trainer.


The place has host of lodging facilities to match each taste and budget. We stayed in the ‘Wild Corridor by Citrus’ and it was a nice cottage in the raw wilderness of the nature.


One can try no. of tree houses and other nature friendly accommodations on offer in plenty. If you are looking for a calm and quiet leisure time in nature’s lap then Thekkady is the place to be.


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