Munnar – A tea lover’s paradise

It is a perfect quiet place in Kerala at a few hours drive from Cochin. Spotted by the British during their colonial reign as an ideal place for growing their favorite drink, TEA, its mountain slopes were ripped off its jungles and tea plantations sprang up.

There are tea estates in Munnar as far as one can see. Almost all plantations work at commercial level to provide top quality tea to best companies but unique plantation culture and scenic beauty of the tea slopes have seen Munnar develop into a popular tourist destination.


A no of resorts and facilities have come up due to tourist friendly culture of Kerala and the aesthetics of the place.

There are shows offering a glimpse of varied cultural forms of Kerala like Kathakali, the classical dance form and Kalaripayattu, one of the oldest forms of martial arts.

Watch the video here

Admiring the setting sun during walks through tea plantation is what you should come here for.

You can visit the tea factory for a guided tour and can click pictures with the hardworking jolly plantation workers.

Non tea lovers can just come for the austere serenity of an isolated hill station and can relax in one of the many luxurious stays.

Munnar comes with a package to delight anyone and everyone.


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